Best West Africa Destinations

Posted on 01 October 2018 (0)

As par my friend at Provision Remodeling, rising of a city above other cities rests wholly in the hearts of the travelers. Do they opt for the iconic landmarks, dizzying food arrays or the distinctive cultures? West Africa is a vast territory that features beautiful countries with several millions of inhabitants. These countries pride themselves of rich history, friendly people and beautiful sceneries. If you are planning to visit West Africa, a list of places worth visiting is listed below.

  1. Ghana

If you’re planning to visit West Africa, a place you must visit is the ancient city of Ghana. It is one city in Africa that has success stories and enjoys a stable democracy. It is a destination most ideal for those who want to relax, learn a lot about the rich African Culture and immerse themselves in the African history. No wonder it’s Africa’s beginner making the city the perfect tourist destination for those who want to wet their feet.

For a thrilling getaway make sure you visit the country’s capital Accra. It’s always ideal for a long or short visit. It has beautiful beaches, in particular, the Labadie beach, fascinating museums, and luxury hotels. Also remember to visit the marketplace where you can buy African jewelry, wares, and souvenirs.

  1. Burkina Faso

It is the best place for someone who loves to have different experiences and is open to discovering new ideas and places. It is a landlocked country in West Africa and surrounded by six countries: Niger on its east side, Mali to its North, Benin on the south-east, Ghana and Togo south, Cote d’Ivoire to the southwest. It boasts of massive wealth in flora and fauna, with a beautiful choice of animal species that include monkeys, buffalos, warthogs, and elephants.

You cannot fail to pay a visit to Karfiguela, it’s the home of beautiful waterfalls. Take a walk through Mango Avenue full of mango trees and rock jumble to view the waterfalls. It is a tropical paradise in a glimpse. Best time of the year to visit it is between October to December.

  1. Cape Verde

It’s a country that has an abundance of rich culture and breathtaking views. Cape Verde is among the best destinations that you can visit in West Africa. It is the west coast of the African continent, its arrow-shaped Archipelago, and hastens islands with several islets. They are subdivided into two groups; the sotavento islands meaning leeward side and Barlavento islands meaning windward side. It has an array of beautiful things to offer including exotic cuisines, beautiful beaches, and luxury hotels. The waters are heaven sent for the lovers of jet skiing. If you love trying the water activities and never had a chance, it is the best place to visit and learn how to ride in the waves.


West Africa has more places that you can visit like Ivory Coast, Gambia, and Nigeria. They all offer a beautiful assortment of attraction areas that you can visit in West Africa. Each of the countries has its unique features that you will enjoy to explore.

Stranded Abroad? Seven Travel Back Tips

Posted on 03 September 2018 (0)

My friend at who is also a traveler was giving me some tips. He said that are you lost and confused in a foreign country? Travelling is very uncertain. You can never be sure if you will come back as scheduled. Sometimes a disaster can occur, and you find yourself alone, stranded and lost miles away from home. The feeling can be quite frightening.  War and other disasters can thwart your plans of coming back. Since you can not predict such occurrences will happen, these tips will help you survive and reach home safely.

  1. Know the Risk Before you Leave

No one can run into a disaster knowingly. If you find yourself in the middle of a disaster, that is just a bad luck. However, you need to assess the risk of travelling abroad before leaving home. Obeying the travel advisories of the host country is prudent.  Familiarize yourself with the local news of your destination and make an informed choice whether to go or not.

  1. Carry Necessary Digital Gadgets

Today, you can trust news from social media more than from other communication channels. In a disaster-prone area, you need to have a good cell phone with enough battery life so that you can get updates and at the same time be communicating. Majority of phones have a GPS application, or you can download. If you can get your location and send it, you are no longer lost but just waiting for help.

  1. Get out When There is Still Time

In times of disaster, a lot of people assume that things will improve with time. It is better to get out of the disaster-prone area using whatever means available than to wait for other help which you are not sure when and if it will come. Be the first person to move out because it is better to be over cautious than sorry.

  1. Protect Yourself

When a disaster strikes, help does not always come immediately. Sometimes it may take hours or even days before aid reaches you. As you wait for help, keep yourself safe by staying in the safest place. You can seek help from the host country especially the embassy if you are near.

  1.  What if You were Robbed?

What if there was no disaster but you are stranded abroad because you were robbed? Many local people can pinpoint a foreigner miles away.  Chances of being robbed off your valuables are real. The first thing you should do is to report to the nearest police post. Let them help you to immediately cancel your cards then you can be assisted in filling for a lost passport and applying for a new one.  


Whether you are stuck abroad due to a flight delay, a disaster or a robbery you need to prepare how you can go home safely. Travelling with the contacts of the embassy in the foreign country is very important. You also need to communicate with your loved one so that everyone can know where you are. Help is always available if you know where to look for it.